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Asketel Melinte || wip

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Asketel Melinte || wip Empty Asketel Melinte || wip

Post by Asketel Melinte on Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:25 pm

Asketel Melinte || wip 2hgy6ft

| basics |

name;; Asketel Clint Melinte
nicknames;; My Lord, Lord Asketel, Lord Melinte, Son of Irwyn
age;; Thirty-six
sexuality;; Straight
marital status;; Single
group;; Displaced since I'm uncertain yet... Might throw him into the guard (but I have the urge to let him leave Queen Stella decide *cackles*)

Asketel Melinte || wip 2ecntdx

| appearance |

height;; 5' 11"
build;; Fit, Healthy
hair color;; Black
eye color;; Grey
tattoos;; None
defining characteristic(s);; He bares many a scar, many are rather light for what weapon gave them to him, but some on his torso and arms are a little more defined.
clothing style;; He has arrived to the kingdom wearing this.
face claim;; Viggo Mortensen

Asketel Melinte || wip 2jeuw6q

| the fallen angel |

family members;; King Irwyn Sabil Melinte (father - deceased), Queen Sisaleen Marstinia Melinte (mother - deceased), Prince Stefan Irwyn Melinte (younger brother - deceased)
other important figures;; Genstan (mentor in fighting skills, closest friend), Azer (loyal mount - Cleveland Bay Stallion)
occupation;; King of Miraym, Warrior of Miraym
skills and talents;;

  • Skilled Swordsman: Genstan mentored Asketel from a young age in swordsmanship. The land around the kingdom was a cauldron of unrest; war was inevitable to most, and sword fighting skills were a must for survival. Thankfully, Asketel picked up on them with ease that was practically natural.
  • Talented Rider: Another of his native land's essential survival skills, Asketel grew up to be a skilled mounted fighter, as skilled on horseback as he was on the ground. Archery and sword-weilding came as no trouble, even while he was riding into battle.
  • Decent Archer: It is not the top of his skill list, but Asketel can still handle a bow and arrow and hit what he wants to hit. His steady hand helps him manage this skill equally well from a stationary position and mounted.
  • Fair-minded; Self-control: Compared to his rather impulsive brother, Asketel was definitely the one best suited to take over the rule of the kingdom after their parents died. Asketel is a master of keeping calm and listening to all sides of a story before deciding on things. That doesn't mean that he isn't sometimes short and abrupt, and occasionally harsh, but he is much more mastered at the concept of keeping a level head than his younger brother was.

history;; The eldest of two sons born to King Irwyn and Queen Sisaleen of Miraym, Asketel Melinte was born on a rainy day in his native kingdom, and, just a few short years later, his younger brother, Stefan, joined him in the family. As the elder brother, Asketel was next in line for the throne, and his younger brother would take over in the event that something happened.

As far back as he can remember, Asketel was mentored by Genstan, an old, bickering man and the most trusted adviser of his father. While he was also being mentored to take over the throne, it was customary for sons, even of royalty, to join the military forces of the kingdom of Miraym. Genstan taught Asketel practically everything he knows of fighting, from how to properly handle a sword to riding.

Being three years older than his brother, Asketel joined the military of Miraym three years earlier than his brother. With Genstan's training and what his old mentor called a "natural skill," Asketel easily made a name for himself and climbed the ranks of Miraym's forces. Of course, it helped that he was the prince, but the young man had insisted that meant nothing and often snapped at his superiors for reminding him that he could always play that card if he wanted an early promotion in ranks.

The year his brother joined the military, Asketel was commanding a group of mounted fighters in Miraym's forces. Stefan was assigned to his brother's group, and brother often fought side by side with brother in the various border quarrels that the kingdom had. They were a traditional sibling pair as far as the kingdom's standards went - the older looked after the younger and acted as the younger's main role model now that parents and mentors were no longer in the main picture.

The time Asketel grew up in was a period of severe unrest in Miraym, and it wasn't long before him and his brother were riding in a full war between Miraym and a rival kingdom that waged hard battles on the forces the kingdom had to offer. The war began as Asketel was 26, his brother a young 23. Four years into the gruesome battle that seemed to spread rapidly to what had originally been peaceful colonies living outside the rule of either of the main fighting forces, Asketel faced his first real blow in the war. There had been the fighting, of course, and the prince was never one to hide them - he wore them as proudly as any true warrior of his kingdom would, but none of that carnage and bloodshed had prepared Asketel and his parents for losing Stefan. Asketel lost his brother in one of the many bloody border skirmishes that escalated into a full battle with little warning, and, as hard as Asketel had tried to keep a watch out for his brother, he had been unable to prevent his death.

With a heavy heart and a rather defeated band of men that was only a fraction of the forces he had taken out to meet the conflict, Asketel and the men he had left carried Stefan's body back as one of many of their fallen warriors. As if injury hadn't been enough, Asketel came under fire for allowing his brother to be killed when he had been fighting in the same battle from his father. For the next two years, Asketel would ride under the gruesome command of his father before the king would be killed in a similar fashion as his youngest son. A year before his father's death, his mother had fallen ill, and, shortly after his death, she succumbed to her unknown condition, and Asketel was finally crowned as the king of the kingdom.

The first problem to solve had been the war. No longer under what had become the blind rule of his father, Asketel managed to end the bloodshed between his people and his rivals with a few more battles and several negotiations. Miraym was quite the mess, and it was a grueling two years before the kingdom could say it was almost back to normal. By this time, Asketel was thirty-four, and there was finally a decent kind of peace in the land.

This peaceful rule lasted for another two years, and, one day while on a quiet border patrol with some of the kingdom's riders, he was pulled into Albion.

Asketel Melinte || wip 16m0tgy

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; McKenzie
experience;; Years in the making, my dears. I've role played everything from race horses to street racers, from detectives in police departments to assassins. Dracula sends his love.
other characters;; An armada that is part of the Albion Army. Pleassseee, you know meeehhh. xD
how you found us;; Caly. And Asketel is the result of a LOTR binge an old OC child of mine.
contact information;; Check the member's list, and message the last account that belongs to me. That's your best chance of a quick answer.

Asketel Melinte || wip 2nbhsg7

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Asketel Melinte
Asketel Melinte

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