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Home Is Where The Heart Is || Open Empty Home Is Where The Heart Is || Open

Post by Brian O'Conner on Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:01 pm

How could we not talk about family when family's all that we got?
Everything I went through, you were standing there by my side, and now you're gonna be with me for the last ride

This change wasn't easy. It had been maybe been a month or a little more since Brian had found himself here in Witchwood and had set up a race scene in the small area. He still really hadn't decided if it was of any benefit to him to be involved with such a thing. On one hand, it was his connection back to the people he'd been forced to leave behind when he had unexpectedly and suddenly been pulled into this world, and on the other, it was a painful reminder of those people - the people he knew only as family, and the only family he had, to be exact.

Things had been so chaotic with all of them, and yet they had stuck together through everything. Sure, things had started out rocky, and he hadn't always been part of the family that they had grown into, but it felt uncomfortably wrong to be away from them all now. That was the reason he was having so much trouble adjusting. Most of all, he missed Mia and Jack, and this time, he felt, was one of the worst possible times fate could've chosen to pull such a stunt on him. Where he needed to be was with Mia. That's where he'd always belonged... Quite frankly, it took a lot of work to take his mind off of that now that he was here.

With a soft sigh, Brian leaned against the fence that marked off the track, gazing out across the currently empty bends and stretches. This place was as close to home as he could get. These horses here were definitely not the same as car, but it was close enough for him to at least get some kind of relief from his homesickness for a few hours at a time. He'd even taken to doing some races himself. It was surprisingly fun, even though it had definitely not been in Brian's previous considerations to even race around on a thing with a mind of its own. His specialty had always dealt with the roar of engines and the squealing of tires, but, since this land lacked such things as cars, he'd found that they instead enjoyed watching actual horses run. He guessed it wasn't too bad of a switch... He'd only traded in horsepower for actual horses, after all. Apparently these people also enjoyed watching chickens race.., but that certainly was never going to be within Brian's range. Chickens? No. He'd been able to manage a lot, but chicken racing? That was something he wasn't even going to try...

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