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Pern in Peril

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Pern in Peril Empty Pern in Peril

Post by Digitalis on Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:38 am

Pern in Peril

Pern is on the verge of the Fourth Pass, and all the Weyrs are readying themselves to face Thread. About two hundred and fifty turns have passed since Igen Weyr was abandoned, then re-established, with help from Telgar Weyr, and they are staunch allies to this day.

There are few problems, however. The last few decades, dud eggs have been on the rise in dragon clutches which, while the Weyrs are still fully staffed, indicates a worrying trend that could cause trouble if it continues to increase. Threadfall is due in just over a turn from now. Will the Weyrs actually be as ready to meet it as they think they will be? The Weyrleaders are doing their best to prepare, so much so that they're discussing an unprecedented gathering of riders from all the Weyrs to share their talents. Such a large gathering is going to be as stressful as it is helpful, and it is too soon to tell if the work will be worth it.

It's not all bad, though. Igen Weyr has a healthy clutch of eighteen on the hatching sands, and all the searchriders are out looking for candidates. In order to maintain their ties with Telgar, the Weyrleaders and candidatemasters have also arranged to send Telgar candidates to Igen for the Hatching. Perhaps Igen will reciprocate for a future Telgar clutch.

What part will you play in the story?


Pern in Peril is a new semi-canon, sandbox-style Dragonriders of Pern role-play site. Our plot focuses as much on massive plots with consequences Pern-wide as much as on clutches and personal plots. Future plots will include genetic mutations from dragon clutches, that shake up the dynamics of Impression without creating completely new colors; a huge IC and OOC event known as Weyr Con, a massive gathering of the Weyrs; and the eventual discovery of fire lizards and the Southern Continent.

Some of the features of our site:

    No knowledge of canon required; the information forum has everything you need to know.
    Non-sexuality based Impression with female green, blue and brownriders.
    No hard limits on dragon colors, including golds
    PC clutches four times a year
    Special Threadfall events twice a year
    Two open, playable Weyrs and the ability to app people from other Weyrs as well
    A PC clutch currently on the sands, looking for candidates
    An opportunity to join the staff to assist in running the site
Come check us out today!

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