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Royal Decrees
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The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress

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The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress Empty The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress

Post by The Nomad on Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:55 am

The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress 2hgy6ft

| basics |

name;; Damon.
nicknames;; The Nomad.
age;; Unknown.
sexuality;; Omnisexual.
marital status;; Single, he thinks.
group;; Displaced

The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress 2ecntdx

| appearance |

height;; 1.80m.
build;; Athletic build. He is moderately toned and muscled and due to his gallifreyan physiology he also has higher resilience and strength than normal humans.
hair color;; Dark brown.
eye color;; Light brown.
tattoos;; None.
defining characteristic(s);; No scars and eye's that look much older.
clothing style;; Initial tatters of his work clothes, prefers clothes similar to Practical Prince Suit and Men's Highwayman Suit out of the Fable 3 outfits.
face claim;; Dylan O'Brien.

The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress 2jeuw6q

| the fallen angel |

family members;; Currently unknown.
other important figures;;
occupation;; Technician.
skills and talents;;
history;; Damon was a technician for the High Council of the Time Lords who worked in their records section. During his time there he had met the Doctor and helped him reassemble the Heart of the TARDIS. Sometime after that event he was assigned to run a repaired TARDIS through a test flight. Initially everything was going perfectly fine but then several alarms went off, Damon had to run around trying to diagnose what was going wrong in mid-flight and was only barely able to set the TARDIS to land as parts of the interior started exploding.

This caused Damon to start regenerating and due to the TARDIS crashing around him he ended up suffering from partial amnesia and forgot his personal memories while still holding onto life skills.

The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress 16m0tgy

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Orion.
experience;; Several years.
other characters;;
how you found us;; Calypso.
contact information;; PM.

The Nomad ~ WorkInProgress 2nbhsg7

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

The Nomad
The Nomad

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