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Crucible Rules and Information

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Crucible Rules and Information Empty Crucible Rules and Information

Post by Seneca Crane on Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:21 pm

The Crucible Arena

"Welcome! The Crucible arena is owned and operated by the lovely Gamemaker Seneca Crane, myself, of course. My imaginative and brilliant mind has devised this arena for your entertainment desires, with new twists added quite often to liven things up. Can't have any boredom here. So sit back and enjoy the show, make sure to show your appreciation because I love to hear it. Or if you'd like to enter as a contestant we would love to have you." The man with the fancily designed beard gave a bit of a smirk before continuing.

"In the lobby is a book on a table called CRUCIBLE RULES. This book states all the rules. I understand that most of you may not be able to read due to your limited minds, but do try. I don't have time to read for you."

    Inside the book was written: "All contenders are invited to read the following rules. If you cannot read, please ask another challenger to read them for you. If they cannot read, please refrain from asking the Entrance Keeper to read them for you, as he cannot read either.
  1. The Crucible is an arena of violence, death and family entertainment consisting of 8 rounds.
  2. Each round will begin when you walk into the starting point and is made up of increasingly difficult waves of creatures.
  3. Score a Perfect Round by beating the target time. You will earn extra awards for doing so. Achieve 5 Perfect Rounds and you will walk away with our highest gold reward.
  4. You are here to entertain. Never forget that. Make sure you keep the crowd's excitement levels up and it is likely to reward you for your efforts. The bloodthirsty buggers are especially fond of contenders who make full use of the traps and pits some of the rounds contain.
  5. Should you need to stock up your supplies, you will encounter a trader after every third round.
  6. If any of the above rules had too many syllables or was otherwise too difficult for your maltreated brain to comprehend, just remember this: kill everything and kill it fast."

After pointing that out, Seneca continues. "You will fight eight rounds of enemies. The round continues until all of your enemies are dead. Or the unfortunate event that you have died occurred which would obviously mean you would not get to continue or win. If that wasn't clear enough. Each is different, and not necessarily going to be the same as the last person so hope you are quick enough to deal with that. You'll fight a variety of enemies, be prepared, and there are twists to release if you fail to entertain my audience. I will not tolerate a boring show, it's my reputation on the line.

Survive and win, you will leave here with glorious riches, prizes, and fame. Maybe earn a title who knows? Lose and well, your prize is if you're dead you won't have to live with the embarrassment of losing. Oh and, once you are in you continue until the end. There will be no mid game exits. So how about we get this going, shall we? And as we always said where I came from: May the odds be ever in your favor." The last part left a sinister smirk to the blue eyed man's face. This was quite obviously a thing he loved to be a part of, and seeing his contestant's faces before they went in was a part of that fun.

The Rounds

1. Beetles. Straight forward, consider it your warm up.
2. Hobbes, with melee and ranged weapons
3. Hobbes, mage, wizard, and kamikaze (spawn more Hobbes and blow themselves up, respectively.)
4. Hollow Men
5. Bandits
6. Highwaymen
7. Balverines
8. More Balverines (there were only 8 rounds on wiki, 9 on the board. So doubled this one.)
9. Rock Troll and a Mage Hobbe, the grand finale!
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