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Pandemonium- Haunted Asylum (Jcink)

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Pandemonium- Haunted Asylum (Jcink) Empty Pandemonium- Haunted Asylum (Jcink)

Post by Advertising Fairy on Fri Dec 26, 2014 6:35 pm

The Boise Sanatorium Institute was an old insanity penitentiary that held the most notorious murders.  As the years turned and the old institute was shut down, it then stood as a reminder to those of the town of what fear and insanity was. Screams would echo, thrill seekers would see things that sent them running. The place became a haven to the spirits that were stuck inside the walls. That was, until it was bought. From the start of the renovations, strange things began to happen to the workers and the owners who bought it. They would hear voices, screams and continue to be pushed or shoved down stairs. While they worked through the day, it wouldn't happen, but the moment the lights shut off, things went down.

For a year as it was worked on, several people quit and it was hard to maintain a good work force. Even the owners took part in bringing what they brought back into life. When time came for it to finally open, the institute was renamed and now welcoming all levels of the clinically ill. When the first patients arrived and the building once again was habited with the living; that was when the war secretly began. For years the spirits roamed the empty halls only to see these fools enter and retake what was theirs. It didn't go down too well. During the nights more screams would echo, causing some patients to wake in their slumber and see someone hovering over them.

Would this truly help those in need? Or will these spirits guide the insane down the path of death? What will happen to the souls that linger in the halls, and the ones that now dwell there? Only time will tell, but keep your wits about you. No one is really safe in Pandemonium.
Advertising Fairy

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