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Rulers In A Land of Monsters || Stella Beck

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Rulers In A Land of Monsters || Stella Beck Empty Rulers In A Land of Monsters || Stella Beck

Post by Asketel Melinte on Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:21 am

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind
I left my body layin' somewhere in the sands of time

Rolling onto his back with a quiet groan, the male heard a soft snort and shuffling of hooves just a few feet away and looked up to see two dark brown eyes gazing back at him out of the soft brown face of Azer. At least the stallion seemed unhurt. Letting out a soft sigh, the male got to his feet and went back over to the stallion. "Where are we, boy?" he asked gently, reaching out and taking his reins again as he rubbed the stallion's face gently with his free hand. Whatever this place was, it certainly was not any place he had been before. Miraym had no such place within its borders, and he should know.

Resting a hand against the stallion's neck, the male took a brief glance over the stallion just to be certain he hadn't been hurt. Thankfully, he wasn't. With that, Asketel allowed his gaze to travel over the unfamiliar landscape now surrounding him and the horse, taking not that it was practically nightfall. Noticing what appeared to be a fort through the trees and just down the trail, the male took the reins of his horse and started towards the structure.

In any and all events possible, the king was simply glad he was still armed with his sword, should he happen across any hostile forces in this unknown land. Stepping inside the fort with Azer following right behind him, he had to reflect on how strange it was to have suddenly arrived here. One moment, he was scouting ahead of a group of men he was leading on patrol, noting that they should head back before night truly fell upon the land, and the next? Well, he couldn't even be fully certain... But wherever they were now was certainly not any land Asketel had encountered before.

As for the state of the fort he now stood in, it seemed like it had been abandoned, possibly for some stretch of time by now. There was certainly not anyone passing through here on any normal basis, at the very least. On instinct, the male reached for his sword. Something was just... foreboding about this place. There was probably a very good reason such a structure had been left behind.

Behind him, Azer snorted, making Asketel look back to him. If he could trust anything, it would be his horse's instincts. The loyal stallion had never once failed him, so if something was wrong, Asketel trusted Azer to notice it, quite possibly before he himself noticed. That's when he heard a medium-pitched, somewhat demonic roar coming from the path he had just left with Azer. Drawing his sword, because it sounded like it came from a none-too-pleasant creature, Asketel headed up the nearby stairs to see over the tall walls of the fort. Shortly, a brief clamoring and scramble brought a snorting Azer up the stairs to stand behind him, but what really had his attention was the sight below. "What in the name of...?" Now that was definitely not something they had in Miraym.

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Rulers In A Land of Monsters || Stella Beck Oie_tr12
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