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Gnomes Are Evil || Team Reaver

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Gnomes Are Evil || Team Reaver Empty Gnomes Are Evil || Team Reaver

Post by Reaver on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:20 pm

Blame it on me

Set your guilt free

Nothing can hold you back now

Reaver rarely did charitable things for the sole sake of charity. He was a man that never did things unless there was some direct benefit in it for him. Money, power, personal pleasure.  He never did anything that didn't interest him, and so he never really paid any attention to the Queen's "national crises" when they arose. Unless there was a significant amount of money involved (at least more than what the monarch had to repay every fortnight after borrowing enough money off him to save Albion), Reaver didn't bother. It wasn't his problem; Albion was full of suckers that would just jump at the chance at saving the country from whatever new tragedy had befallen it.

But the latest crisis had the man interested. Not because pest control sounded particularly exciting, nor because the reward was good (it really wasn't, even compared to the usual rewards that the queen offered in times of crisis). But because it was a chance to go on an adventure across Albion again. It had been so long since he'd last been on one that he'd even lost track of how many years it had been. He hadn't minded because he had plenty of things to keep him entertained: parties, gorgeous females, watching leperous commoners try their luck against the beasties in his Wheel of Fortune. And so although the adventure was going to be pretty tame compared to what he had gone on in the past, it was still something. Besides, it was going to give him a chance to meet up with his favourite group of displaced females. With a smirk playing on his lips, he'd rushed off to write out three invitation letters in his careful cursive handwriting, before making sure that they were personally delivered to the correct recipients. If he was going on an adventure, he needed company, particularly of the attractive variety. Reaver was nothing if not a showman; he needed an audience in all endeavours.

Standing at the top of the marble stairs leading to his mansion, the male idly twirled his gun as his eyes scanned the picturesque scenery, waiting for his guests to arrive. He was rather looking forward to this; he got to shoot things and see his favourite girls. A winning situation all around. A few metres away, three horses stood tethered to the fence, grazing and nickering softly. A chestnut mare for Tayla, a snow-white mare for Daphne, and a coal-black stallion for himself and Mary. He wasn't sure if his newest 'friend' knew how to ride, and so rather than risk her falling and hurting herself mid-ride, Reaver had decided that the best thing was for her to ride with him. And people accused him of not caring..! Not that the idea of riding around Albion with the arms of a gorgeous woman wrapped around his waist wasn't also appealing, because it really really was. A smirk playing on his lips, he pulled out a pocket watch and consulted it before sliding it back into the pocket of his waistcoat. Shouldn't be long now...



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Gnomes Are Evil || Team Reaver Empty Re: Gnomes Are Evil || Team Reaver

Post by Mary Morstan on Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:33 am

Baby, you're my knight in shining armor

Mary was on her way to Reaver's lovely mansion now. She had received his invitation to come along on his outing and adventure - off to hunt down these supposed "alive" gnomes. Needless to say, she had accepted with nothing too terribly short of some form of haste. Dear Master Reaver had been quite kind to her since she had met the fine gentleman, and Mary had easily grown fond of him, even if she did hear tell of him being one of the biggest flirts and pains in the general population's side. To date, Mary had found no reason to find grievances with him, so, until such a time, she would much enjoy his company.

He treated her quite fairly, after all, so what reason would she have to worry about him? By far, he'd been one of the most welcoming people she'd met here, and she had all but forgotten what it was like to be in the company of a fair man since she'd lost John. She had searched far and wide for him, but it seemed to be quite in vain. She couldn't even find the bastard Holmes, not that she didn't care for the man... She'd cared for him in her own subtle ways. She couldn't complain about the man... He was just different, and had his own way to do just about everything he had ever done. Strange, yes, and a little self-centered, definitely, but... How could she really complain when him and John had been so close? No one seemed to know back home what had happened to that wild detective of John's, either. One minute, he'd been telling John he was alright, and for all Mary knew, the next, he'd vanished into the winds again, as if he'd never come back. Strange, now that she thought about it... But she had no time to dwell on the past. She'd spent enough time doing that and it had left her exhausted.

Soon enough, Mary could make out Reaver's mansion in the not-very-far distance. This land still confused her at times, but she had confidence and trust in the man. Besides, there were worse things in the world than a man such as Reaver asking her to accompany him on a little quest around the kingdom.

"Mr. Reaver! How delightful to see you again!" she greeted the tall man with a smile as she finally climbed the stairs leading to the mansion to join him at the top of them. "I received your invitation; I don't think I could've refused such an offer. Thank you for asking me to join you."

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