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Histronica (PB) A past meets present hp rpg (LB)

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Histronica (PB) A past meets present hp  rpg (LB) Empty Histronica (PB) A past meets present hp rpg (LB)

Post by Histronica Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:25 am

Histronica (PB) A past meets present hp  rpg (LB) V1ERfoJ

Past clashes with Present.

It was a average day, fighting and learning. A loud thunderous noise echoed through Hogwarts, freezing the Marauders and their fellow students in their place. The professors and new students just moved about, as if they weren't even there. 1977 went by so fast and so on. Finally reaching the year, 1997/1998, they had been froze in time, though they still lived as if they would have before. But it was like something happened to them, it was like everything that should have happened, didn't and due to that they ended up twenty years into the future. Lily & James were never murdered by Lord Voldemort, in fact, Voldemort never became that evil at all, though the Death Eater's are around, just not the Dark Lord.

Having been unfroze in a new place, well the same school just new surroundings, they didn't know what to do. The only place they could turn was to the Headmaster, which was thankfully still the same, Dumbledore. Though Dumbledore himself could not explain what happened to well, he did as much as he could. At the feast that night, Albus introduced all the students that had been frozen in time. Telling them all about what happened, he couldn't answer all the questions about WHY it happened.

All they knew is that they where now stuck in the future and there was no way of them ever getting back. Now, all of them where pretty much the responsibility of Dumbledore. They had no place to go, since their parents have been long gone and they no longer had homes. All of those students from the past where now stuck into the future, for good, they had to live at the school and make it through day by day together.

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