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John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION Empty John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION

Post by John Watson on Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:16 pm

John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION 2hgy6ft

| basics |

name;; John Hamish Watson
nicknames;; John
age;; 38
sexuality;; Heterosexual
marital status;; Married
group;; Displaced

John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION 2ecntdx

| appearance |

height;; 6'0''
build;; Athletic
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Green
tattoos;; ---
defining characteristic(s);; Several scars, a cane sword
clothing style;; He typically wears suits and a duo-toned scarf, along with dress shoes. On his left ring finger lies his wedding band.
face claim;; Jude Law

John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION 2jeuw6q

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Watson is shown to be loyal, sarcastic, humble, polite, smart, stubborn and selfless. He is also extremely intelligent and able to keep up deductions with Sherlock on occasion. He can be very hot tempered in the face of pressure or annoyance, and greatly cares about his best friend Sherlock Holmes and loved ones. He is very brave and willing to sacrifice himself for any just cause. He is an immensely talented healer and is able to repair the wounds he personally suffered in the attack at the slaughterhouse when Blackwood attempts to blow him, Sherlock and Irene Adler up. He deeply cares for Holmes, hugging and crying into his shoulder when he returned to Baker Street, after being presumed dead.
family members;; Unnamed father, unnamed mother, Harriet Watson (sister)
other important figures;; Sherlock Holmes (best friend), Mary Morstan (wife)
occupation;; Doctor
skills and talents;; Watson is a highly skilled combatant and is an exceptionally talented boxer, and is able to hold his own against several opponents simultaneously. He is an extremely capable swordsman and keeps a high-tensile steel blade hidden in his cane wherever he goes. He is a crack shot, heralding from his long years in Afghanistan.
history;; John Watson had a relatively uneventful life that did nothing to prepare him for the adventures that were to happen later in life. At twenty-five he went to study for a medical degree at St Bartholomew's and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (University of London), and after finishing was trained at Netley as an assistant surgeon in the British Army. He joined British forces in India with the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers before being attached to the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot, saw service in the Second Anglo-Afghan War, was wounded at the Battle of Maiwand by a Jezail bullet in the shoulder, suffered enteric fever and was sent back to England on the troopship HMS Orontes following his recovery. With his health ruined, he was then given a monthly pension of 11 shillings/9 pence for 9 months.

In 1881, Watson is introduced by his friend Stamford to Sherlock Holmes, who wass looking for someone to share rent at a flat in 221B Baker Street. Concluding that they are compatible, they subsequently move into the flat. When Watson notices multiple eccentric guests frequenting the flat, Holmes reveals that he is a "consulting detective" and that the guests are his clients. Watson witnesses Holmes' skills of deduction on their first case together, concerning a series of murders related to Mormon intrigue. When the case is solved, Watson is angered that Holmes is not given any credit for it by the press. When Holmes refuses to record and publish his account of the adventure, Watson endeavours to do so himself. In time, Holmes and Watson became close friends and went on a plethora of adventures together, Watson diligently recording each adventure. Quite soon the good doctor had a whole trunk full of notebooks, dedicated to their adventures together.

In 1891, the duo set out on their biggest adventure to date. Originally they set out to catch Lord Henry Blackwood, an aristocratic serial killer dabbling in the occult who has already killed five young women, and prevent him from killing a sixth. They manage to prevent the murder, just as Inspector Lestrade and the police arrive to arrest Blackwood.

Three months pass and Sherlock refuses to take on new cases, causing his eccentric behavior and cocaine addiction to annoy Watson. While he enjoys their adventures together, Watson looks forward to marrying Mary Morstan and leaving 221B Baker Street. Meanwhile, Blackwood has been sentenced to death and requests to see Holmes, where he warns of three more unstoppable deaths that will cause great changes to the world. Blackwood is subsequently hanged and pronounced dead by Watson. Three days later, Holmes is visited by Irene Adler who asks him to find a missing man named Luke Reordan. When sightings of Lord Blackwood rising from his grave arise, his tomb is destroyed from the inside out and Reordan is found dead inside. Following a series of clues from the body, Holmes and Watson find Reordan's home and discover experiments attempting to merge science with magic. They survive a battle with Blackwood's men who were sent to kill them, but end up in jail. Mary bails John out. Blackwood then lures Sherlock and John to a warehouse where they finds Adler, about to be killed. Though they save her in time, John is injured in a series of explosions set up by Blackwood. Lord Coward issues an arrest warrant for Holmes.

Holmes goes into hiding and studies Blackwood's rituals, concluding that the next target is Parliament, later tricking Coward into revealing that the plan is to kill its members. He, Adler and Watson discover a machine below the Palace of Westminster, designed to release cyanide gas into the Parliament chambers, killing everyone but Blackwood and his supporters, to whom he'd slipped the antidote. Blackwood walks into Parliament and announces that soon all but his supporters will die. As Holmes and Watson battle Blackwood's men, Adler removes the cyanide containers from the machine and flees, pursued by Holmes. Blackwood and Coward realize their plan has failed; Coward is captured but Blackwood escapes. Holmes confronts Adler on top of the incomplete Tower Bridge, but is interrupted by Blackwood. As Holmes and Blackwood fight, Holmes tricks him into becoming entangled in the ropes and chains hanging over the Thames and eventually, with a noose of chains around his neck, he falls from the bridge and is hanged, this time properly. With the case done, Watson moves out of 221B Baker Street.

Months later he returns, and Holmes discloses that he is investigating a series of seemingly unrelated murders, terrorist attacks and business acquisitions around the globe that he has connected to Moriarty. At Watson's bachelor party, Holmes meets with Gypsy fortune-teller Simza. They defeat an assassin sent to kill her, but she flees. After the wedding of John and Mary, Holmes meets Moriarty for the first time. Expressing his respect for Holmes' tenacity, Moriarty informs Holmes that he murdered Adler and will kill Watson and Mary if Holmes' interference continues.

Moriarty's men attack Watson and Mary on a train to their honeymoon. Holmes, having followed the pair to protect them, throws Mary from the train into a river below where she is rescued by Mycroft. After defeating Moriarty's men, Holmes and Watson travel to Paris to locate Simza. When she is found, Holmes tells Simza that she has been targeted because Rene is working for Moriarty, and may have told her about his plans. Simza takes the pair to the headquarters of an anarchist group to which she and Rene had formerly belonged. They learn that the anarchists have been forced to plant bombs for Moriarty.

The trio follows Holmes' deduction that the bomb is in the Paris Opera. However, Holmes realizes too late that he has been tricked and that the bomb is in a nearby hotel; the bomb kills a number of assembled businessmen. Holmes discovers that the bomb was a cover for the assassination of Alfred Meinhard, one of the attendees, by Moriarty's henchman, Sebastian Moran. Meinhard's death grants Moriarty ownership of Meinhard's arms factory in Germany. Holmes, Watson and Simza travel there, following clues in Rene's letters.

At the factory, Moriarty captures, interrogates and tortures Holmes while Watson battles Moran. Holmes spells out Moriarty's plot, revealing that the Professor secretly acquired shares in multiple war profiteering companies, and intends to instigate a world war to make himself a fortune. Meanwhile, Watson uses the cannon he had been hiding behind to destroy the watchtower in which Moran is concealed. The structure collapses into the warehouse where Moriarty is holding Holmes captive. Watson, Simza, and an injured Holmes reunite and escape aboard a moving train heading to Switzerland. Upon arrival, Watson stop Rene's assassination attempt, but Rene is himself killed by Moran. During an outside confrontation with Moriarty, Holmes grapples with the criminal and they tumble over the balcony and into the Reichenbach waterfall below. The pair are presumed dead.

Following Holmes' funeral, Watson and Mary prepare to have their belated honeymoon when Sherlock reveals himself to be alive before sending the lovebirds on their way. However during the trip, an explosion ripped through the train, causing Watson to be sucked up and thrown into Albion.

John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION 16m0tgy

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Leda
experience;; Eight years
other characters;; Dean Winchester
how you found us;; Calypso
contact information;; PM

John Watson - UP FOR ADOPTION 2nbhsg7

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

John Watson
John Watson

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