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Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION

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Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION Empty Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION

Post by Katniss Everdeen on Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:49 pm

Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION 2hgy6ft

| basics |

name;; Katniss Everdeen
nicknames;; Kat, Katnip
age;; Sixteen
sexuality;; Heterosexual
marital status;; Single
group;; Displaced

Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION 2ecntdx

| appearance |

height;; 5'7''
build;; Athletic
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Blue
tattoos;; ---
defining characteristic(s);; Bow and arrow, Knife
clothing style;; She wears a hooded black jacket that falls down to her thighs and reflects body heat, tawny trousers, sturdy brown belt, and a green button-up shirt. She also wears her Mockingjay pin.
face claim;; Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION 2jeuw6q

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Depicted as brave, fearless, selfless, extremely resourceful and highly intelligent,
Katniss has strong and independent survivalist instincts due to her difficult past and is good at thinking outside the box. She is not socially adept and has a hard time making friends due to the emotional strain on her life which has made her hard and cold. She is more concerned about feeding her family than being social, making her awkward around people. Though Katniss can be rather blunt, bitingly cynical and cold she has a very vulnerable side which she only shows around her family, and she has a natural maternal instinct as showed when she comforted Prim and helped Rue. She is not very good at acting for the camera and comes across best when she is herself. She is usually very logical except for times when her emotions get in the way.

Katniss has a habit of biting her nails when she is nervous or anxious and must consciously stop herself from doing so when around others. After she became a victor she could not think of a good reason to break the habit. However after joining the rebellion she appears to have stopped biting her nails as she does not mention doing so.

Katniss is very strong, stubborn and determined. Often, she will react first and ask questions later. She will do anything to survive. Even when she allied with Rue, she said she hoped that she didn't have to be the one to kill her. Yet when it came to Peeta, she tried her best to figure a way for them both to survive. This independent streak did not go well in the regimented confines of District 13 and Katniss largely did what she wanted and ignored her daily schedule. She had to discipline herself to undergo military training in order to prove that she could be sent into combat, and her unwillingness to take orders was perceived as her greatest weakness. This was targeted during her individual exam, but she was able to realize this and pass.

Even though she can sometimes be a bit self-centered and self-reliant, she does have noble traits, protecting those she loves. For example, caring for Prim, looking out for Rue, and ending Cato's life mercifully even though he caused her so much pain or when she shields Gale to keep him from being whipped, even when it means a lash for herself. Katniss has an instinct to protect those who are weak such as Rue, Wiress, and her prep team.

Unlike her younger sister, she is not a natural born healer. She once ran from the house in fright while Prim and her mother cared for a dying man. She even had trouble healing Peeta, being squeamish and reluctant to care for him unclothed. Instead, she is more like her father, being skilled at hunting and gathering.

Nevertheless, she was a fiercely determined and resourceful fighter and was reasonably easy to underestimate. She was almost always in disagreement with authority figures and liked to use her own resources when it came to survival (The instincts of a true survivor). Katniss was loyal to no one and had issues when it came to trusting others, but this grew to be her one of her greatest strengths.

In Mockingjay, it is shown that Katniss dislikes being a "pawn" and hates having the weight of Panem on her shoulders.
family members;; Unnamed father, Unnamed mother, Primrose (sister)
other important figures;; Gale (friend), Peeta (friend)
occupation;; Hunter
skills and talents;; She's skilled with both a bow and arrow and a knife. She's also a skilled hunter.
history;; Her father named her after a plant named Katniss, located behind the electric fence her father would illegally hunt behind by their home in District 12. Her birthday is May 8th. When Katniss was young, her father taught her to hunt with a bow and arrow. He also taught her songs like "The Hanging Tree". Katniss taught this to Primrose, her sister, and they even made rope necklaces to go along with the song. When she was seven, her mother made her stop singing the song. Only when she was older did she realize what it meant. When she was eleven her father died, and she soon had to care for the family as her mother stopped trying. She met Gale Hawthorne in the woods, at 12 years old and they started hunting together. She hunted for her family with the skills she learned from her father and traded at the Hob to feed her family. Katniss never spoke to Peeta or even noticed him in her early life.

When she was 16, Katniss volunteered to take her sister, Primrose Everdeen's place in the 74th Hunger Games after Prim's name was called during the reaping. Another reason why she volunteered for her sister Prim is because she had no chance of winning the games. Prim was sweet and had a talent for healing, whereas Katniss can hunt and had a better chance of winning than her younger sister. Originally, she had no intention of going into the games, it had not even crossed her mind. But, when her sister was chosen, she volunteered to save her, in hopes that she could actually win. The male tribute was from the town bakery, Peeta Mellark, who had once saved Katniss and her family from starvation by charring some bread and giving it to Katniss. Before she leaves for the Capitol, she goes to the Justice Building to say her final goodbyes to her mother, Gale, Prim, Madge Undersee, and Mr. Mellark.

When she says goodbye to her mother and Prim, Prim makes her promise to try to win, so Katniss complies and tells her mother to make a promise that she won't leave Prim alone to take care of herself. Her mother tries to explain to Katniss that she was ill, but Katniss still makes her promise to take care of Prim, and she finally complies. Madge Undersee comes in to say her final goodbye to her by giving her the mockingjay pin. The baker, Peeta's father, comes in and gives her cookies, a luxury, and tells her he will not let her family starve. Gale tries to give her a final piece of advice but is dragged out before he can finish, leaving Katniss to wonder about the thing Gale wanted to say so badly. The district escort, Effie Trinket, takes the two aboard the train to the Capitol. On their way, Katniss and Peeta meet their drunken mentor, Haymitch Abernathy.

When Katniss arrives at the Capitol, she gets prepared for the parade through the city streets. She is fussed over by her prep team, which consists of Octavia, Flavius and Venia. She then meets her stylist, Cinna, who comes up with an idea that will amaze all of Panem and make Katniss and Peeta unforgettable. Cinna dresses her up in a black unitard to represent coal and lights her and Peeta with synthetic fire that does not burn. After the parade, they are escorted to their residence. At dinner time, Katniss meets a haunting face from the past, Lavinia, who is now an Avox. The next morning, Katniss goes down to the Training Center to prepare for the games. Haymitch advises her not to show her full skills until the private sessions with the Gamemakers. During training, Katniss and Peeta notice they are being followed by a little girl named Rue, from District 11.

During the private session, Katniss shows the Gamemakers her skills with a bow and arrow. Katniss shoots at the practice dummy but misses. She is angered because the first shot went wrong as she was not accustomed to the bow she was using. The Gamemakers start ignoring her and pay more attention to a roast pig since she is from District 12, a district which is not known for producing many victors. Out of frustration, Katniss targets the apple in the roasted pig's mouth, successfully hitting it, causing reactions of shock and amazement among the Gamemakers. Katniss is first outraged of her behavior, later thinking she shouldn't have shot the pig, crying in her bed. However, Katniss scores an 11 for her fiery temper and attitude, and is surprised later on.

While preparing for interview night, Katniss is stressed out by Haymitch and Effie trying to prepare her. Cinna dresses her in a dress covered in jewels that make her look like she is being engulfed by flames whenever she moves. He gives her advice before she does her interview, being the only one she truly likes and respects. She is interviewed by Caesar Flickerman and she talks about her stay at the Capitol. She becomes something of a celebrity in Panem and is given the advantage of sympathy after Peeta admits to all of Panem that he loves her.                      

The night before the Games, she is terrified of the horrors that await her in the arena. She goes to the rooftop and talks with Peeta. Peeta tells her that he wants to die as himself and show that he is more than just a piece in the Capitol's Games. Katniss is enraged and leaves when he doubts he will win.

On the day of the Games, Cinna dresses Katniss in her uniform for the games. While waiting to launch, Katniss and Cinna talk to each other. Cinna tells Katniss that he can't bet on any tributes due to his part in the preparation of the Games, but if he could, he would bet on her. Katniss finds confidence in this and the speaker announces the tributes to launch.

When the Games begin, Katniss gets away from the Cornucopia quickly, getting into a minor tussle with the District 9 male over a backpack which ends when the boy is cleaved in the back by Clove, the girl from District 2. The backpack contains a sleeping bag, a bottle of iodine along with a dropper (iodinechemical that purifies water), a water bottle, crackers, dried beef strips, wire and a pair of night glasses.

Katniss is almost killed in the bloodbath when Clove aims a knife at her head. She blocks it by using her backpack and earns a knife as a result. Over the next few days, Katniss moves further and further away from the Cornucopia, though she is slowed down by lack of hydration. She nearly dies of thirst before she finds a small pond to drink from, stumbling onto it while she thinks of camouflaging her bright orange backpack, so it wouldn't draw too much attention. The next morning, she is awoken by a wall of Gamemaker-made fire, including fireballs that are flung at her. She survives the attack but suffers minor burns and cuts on her hands and a severe burn on her calf. She goes to sleep and is woken by the sound of footsteps. Katniss is briefly chased by the Career pack, consisting of Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, Clove, the female from District 4, and Peeta, and escapes up a tree. Cato tries to climb up after Katniss, but crashes to the ground because he is too heavy for the branches to hold. The Careers realize that they are all too heavy to climb the tree, so they decide to wait for her to come down. Rue then appears high up in a neighboring tree and points to the tracker jacker nest above Katniss. Tracker jackers can cause horrible hallucinations, sickness, and sometimes death.

Before Katniss does anything, she warns Rue she is about to cut the nest down. Katniss cuts it down with the knife she got from Clove and the tracker jackers attack the Careers, killing Glimmer and the girl from District 4. The Careers run to the lake after being stung by the tracker jackers. Katniss is also stung, and starts to run in the other direction. Katniss remembers that Glimmer had a silver bow when the Careers attacked her (the only bow in the entire arena), so she goes back for it. She retrieves it from Glimmer's bloated body, but as she's about to run away, her hallucinations start occurring. A delusional Katniss is saved by Peeta when she's unable to coordinate herself to run from Cato, who is quickly approaching.

After she runs away, she blacks out from the tracker jacker venom. When Katniss wakes up, she finds she's being watched by Rue, the female tribute from District 11. She then proposes an alliance with Rue. She says Rue reminds her of Prim, in both size and demeanor. She tries to give Rue her pin, but Rue says no, saying that that was how she came to trust Katniss in the first place, seeing the mockingjay on it. Katniss and Rue then plan to destroy the Careers' food and supply pile, with Katniss figuring that the Careers have had plenty of food their whole lives and that they would struggle if a direct food supply was taken away from them. Rue provides a distraction while Katniss checks out the Career camp. She discovers that the food is protected by landmines (with the help of Foxface, the District 5 tribute) and shoots a sack that spills apples onto the ground, setting off all of the landmines. Nearly everything is destroyed and due to the explosion and her relative proximity, Katniss becomes deaf in her left ear.

Katniss goes to the woods, listening for Rue. Her four note melody rings out through the woods from mockingjays, but she suddenly cries out for Katniss. Katniss runs through the trees to find Rue entangled in a mesh net, one arm sticking out before a spear is thrown into her abdomen by the boy from District 1, whose name is later revealed to be Marvel. Katniss shoots an arrow at Marvels's neck, killing him. Katniss then goes over to comfort Rue, Katniss promises she'll win for the both of them and sings the valley song that she sang to comfort Prim the morning of the reaping.

Rue dies after Katniss finishes the song. Seeing Rue dead, angering her that the Capitol enjoys watching innocent children die, Katniss decides to pick flowers and decorates Rue's corpse with them, hiding the wound and weaving them into her hair. When she finishes, Katniss realizes how much it looks like Rue is in fact sleeping and does the signature District 12 farewell gesture to Rue. Later, this is seen as an act that defied the Capitol. She then takes Rue and Marvel's backpacks, knowing that Rue would want her to have them.

By the time of the announcement that two tributes from the same district can win, her left ear is completely deafened. She cries out for Peeta, but then suddenly regrets it, realizing the potential danger. She seeks out Peeta and finds him hiding in the mud of a riverbank, totally camouflaged. He's suffering from a severe cut on his leg Cato gave him, tracker jacker stings, and multiple burns. She washes him off at the river, treats the burns and stings, but cannot do anything for his leg but stuff some of Rue's leaves into it, drawing out infection and pus. Katniss does everything she can to care for him, but he eventually gets blood poisoning.

A feast is then announced by the Gamemakers near the Cornucopia, where Katniss will find the item she needs most (as all the other tributes will): the medicine needed to cure Peeta's blood poisoning. Katniss, knowing that going to the feast will be dangerous, insists on going, though Peeta refuses to let her. Immediately afterwards, Katniss receives sleeping syrup from their sponsors and tricks Peeta into consuming it by mixing the sleep syrup with berries, telling him it's "sugar berries." Precisely after eating the berries, he passes out for 24 hours, giving Katniss enough time to go to the feast and get the medicine for his leg.

At the feast, Katniss retrieves the backpack and is then attacked by Clove. Katniss is cut on the forehead by a knife that Clove threw at her. Clove taunts Katniss about Rue's death and Peeta's predicament. Clove tells her that Cato let her "have Katniss," but made her promise to give the audience a "good show". Just as she is about to make the first cut at Katniss's lip, Clove is hurled away from her by Thresh, the boy from Rue's district, who slams a large rock into her head after accusing her of "cutting up" Rue.In the movie, she was pounded on the cornucopia. Katniss is surely afraid of what Thresh will do to her, but because of her alliance with Rue, he allows her to escape. He does not want to owe Katniss anymore and states that they are now even. She flees the feast with her life, and returns to the cave to heal both Peeta and her own wounds.

While they are both recovering, they see that Thresh has been presumably killed at the hands of Cato. During one night of rain, Katniss asks Peeta when he started loving her. Peeta tells her it was their first day of school when he heard Katniss sing the Valley Song. After the storm ended, the two went to hunt. When Katniss whistled for Peeta and he did not answer, she ran towards him and the two argue for a bit until a cannon fires. Peeta had gathered deadly nightlock berries, that he didn't know were poisonous. Katniss expects Peeta to die, but it appears he hasn't eaten any yet. They see the body of the girl from District 5, whom Katniss nicknamed "Foxface", being taken away. A few days later, the river is found empty, as well as the ponds. They figure that the Gamemakers want them to go to the lake.

When they make it there, they wait a few hours for Cato, the only other remaining tribute, to arrive. They are almost going to give up when he runs towards them. When Katniss sees that he is running away from a pack of wolf muttations, she and Peeta immediately ran away with him toward the Cornucopia. They reach the Cornucopia and scale it, though one of the mutts manages to injure Peeta. Once at the top of the horn, Cato finally gets back to his senses and strangles Peeta to the edge. Katniss shoots Cato on the back of his hand and he releases Peeta. Peeta then pushes him off so he wouldn't attack them again. Cato is later disarmed by the mutts and gnawed at, being left to suffer.

After some time, Katniss decides to kill him out of pity, not vengeance. It is then announced that the rule of two tributes winning if they are from the same district has been revoked and so she and Peeta must fight to the death. They pitifully realize that the former was just a ruse. Katniss aims her bow at Peeta when she sees he has picked up a weapon, but immediately drops it when he proceeds to throw it into the lake. Feeling guilty, she then takes out some of the nightlock berries and gives a handful to Peeta, and the two of them threaten to commit suicide so there will be no winner. They later discover the Capitol sees this as an act of rebellion. The plan works and both her and Peeta are crowned victors of the 74th Hunger Games. After their final interviews and dinner, they go on the train that then takes them home. Katniss is confused about her feelings for Peeta and becomes even more confused the closer they get to home.

While on the train home, she was sucked into a portal that brought her to Albion.

Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION 16m0tgy

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Leda
experience;; Eight years
other characters;; Dean, John, Mary, Ben, Stella, Fred
how you found us;; Calypso
contact information;; PM

Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION 2nbhsg7

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

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Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION Empty Re: Katniss Everdeen || UP FOR ADOPTION

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Your character army is getting stronger. If you and I merge the armies, we could take over the world *maniacal laughter*Accepted! Very Happy You've been added to all the correct groups, have had coinage added due to bio length, and have been added to the canon list. Have fun! Very Happy
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