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February Announcements - Of The Month Info, the Townsend Detective Agency, and the Witchwood Racers

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February Announcements - Of The Month Info, the Townsend Detective Agency, and the Witchwood Racers Empty February Announcements - Of The Month Info, the Townsend Detective Agency, and the Witchwood Racers

Post by Sherlock Holmes on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:40 pm

I'm taking the liberty of posting a little monthly news announcement to bring everyone up to speed on what will be happening within the month of February so you all know what's going on and to help y'all understand some new things we're gonna be throwing into the mix here shortly.

First off, the beginning of February has come and past, so the start of your Yule Ball threads should be closed, but for the couples that did get threads going that are based in the Yule Ball, please feel free to continue them. Since we've already extended the time period through January for these threads, I think extension time is about up now. Even so, please ask if you'd still like to get into one. I see no reason why those of you that haven't been active through this past month for your own reasons (I know a few of you have had computer issues and other issues with technology, so stuff like that or just RL giving you lemons and no sugar for lemonade) can't still start them up. Just make sure to set them in January, and the ballroom category can still be found within Bowerstone Castle.

Furthermore now that February is here, please remember that Of The Months will be hosted at the end of the month and that this is the first month votes are being taken for nominees. Nominations will be open through the end of the month, and I will post new banners for the selections that were made. This would be a great chance for all of you to get back and active with some of your characters, as we can't have nominees without some activity! If you're going to be continually absent throughout the month, please log in and post a message telling us why you're away so we can safeguard your characters! Otherwise we're a little worried that you want to drop them, and we have lately wrapped up the first activity check. If need be, we can run another one towards the end of February, but we don't have any plans that far out just yet. Currently, a revival of Earth's Mightiest Heroes is going on and Caly is tied up with that, so I'm trying to take some slack up here, but none of us can do it without you guys! We're asking for at least one in-character post to start things up again, seeing as this place has gone a bit dead within that past few weeks with all of us running around like chickens with their heads cut off for RL reasons and I and Caly for working over on EMH and other places as well.

You will also notice that two new groups have been made, the Townsend Detective Agency and the Witchwood Racers. With the arrival of Dylan Sanders and Brian O'Conner, Caly and I have chatted over WhatsApp for plans for these two new groups. We currently have plans to bring Dylan Sanders in with a Bosley and one of Dylan's fellow Angels from Good Morning, Angels and having the Angels set up shop somewhere in Bowerstone with the new Townsend Detective Agency and becoming some private eyes in Albion. Currently, characters wishing to join this group can apply, but I'd recommend a chat with me and Caly first, so if you'd like to join a character up into Townsend, message me and Caly together by simply tagging Queen Stella Beck, Sherlock Holmes into the receivers bar of a private message and we can do a group discussion about the matter there, as Caly and I came up with the idea together, so I feel the need to include her with any new additions to the Agency.

On the other matter, the Witchwood Racers will soon be setting up shop in Witchwood since I have taken up Brain O'Conner from the Fast & Furious franchise. Unlike the chicken races of the Brightwall area, the Witchwood Racers race on horses, so it is more acceptable that you buy your racer a horse before signing up to be a racer. I'm still plotting out the place with Caly, and we have ideas that we will bring Nastia and Alex (only with a different face claim of Adam Levine instead of Chris Pine since Pine is being used as the face claim of Toothless Warren) from my site Lehigh Riding Academy to join in on the new Witchwood Racers, although I'm not sure that all the details of those two joining are hammered out just yet. Regardless, the idea is working out so far that Brian will be one of a crew running the Witchwood Races, as he is a racer himself and has racing in his blood by now, so he needs his race fix, and will be a kind of 'head' of the events. Currently, the Witchwood Racers is an open group, but I encourage you to contact me on either Sherlock's or Brian's account for further details on the Witchwood Races. Also, since I have yet to set up the horses section in the pet shop, please consult this list for a list of horses your character can own (and they don't have to be a racer to purchase one.) Message me for pricing details on Sherlock's account, as I have yet to work out prices.

Please know that I haven't had time to find all the horses available that come from the England area. If you want a different breed, do the research and send me a PM on Sherlock's or Brian's account with the breed of the horse, the image of the horse, and tell me if it is from the England area. Since Lost is set in Victorian England, I will need the breed to originate from the England area in order to accept it. The horses below fall into the category of breeds I have had time to find are on Farmville (which gives us the icon to add to the character's profile to show that your character has a pet because their racer horse counts towards their two-pet slot count) and that are horse breeds from England.

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