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Post by Rain Stonewell on Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:36 pm

Rain Stonewell ~ UP FOR ADOPTION - INCOMPLETE BIO 2hgy6ft

| basics |

name;; Rain Lucille Stonewell
nicknames;; Rain
age;; Twenty
sexuality;; Heterosexual
marital status;; Married
group;; Displaced

Rain Stonewell ~ UP FOR ADOPTION - INCOMPLETE BIO 2ecntdx

| appearance |

height;; 5'3''
build;; Slim
hair color;; Blonde
eye color;; Blue
tattoos;; ---
defining characteristic(s);; She has a scar on her shoulder from a gunshot wound.
clothing style;; (if you're a female and wear make-up, include the style here)
face claim;; Ashley Benson

Rain Stonewell ~ UP FOR ADOPTION - INCOMPLETE BIO 2jeuw6q

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Rain is gentle, playful, and fiercely loyal. She has a more mischievous streak sometimes, too.
family members;; Sierra (mother), Storm (father), Bonita (grandmother), Raphael (grandfather)
other important figures;; Spirit (mate/husband), Little Creek (friend)
occupation;; Displaced Lead Mare
skills and talents;;
history;; Rain is Little Creek's mare, she lives with him in the Lakota tribe. When Spirit is captured and brought there, Little Creek would occasionally use a rope to tie Spirit to Rain, and she would show him around the camp. Spirit is at first hot headed, wanting desperately to run off back to his herd. But Rain charms him, and he decides to let her show him her world.

Spirit and Rain warm up to each other over time, and eventually fall in love. Spirit feels his heart is torn between Rain and the home land that he wanted to return to.

When a group of wranglers attack the Lakota tribe, Rain leaps into the fray, and runs to Little Creek's aid. She and him charge towards the Colonel, but he shoots Rain, causing her to fall backwards into the river with Little Creek. Before he can shoot again, Spirit shoves him out of the way and runs down river to find Rain struggling against the currents. He leaps into the water to save her, and reaches her; but before he can pull her to safety the two go over a waterfall.

When Spirit makes his way to the bank, he sees that Rain had already washed up on shore, wounded and barely alive. He lies down beside her and comforts her, resting his head on her shoulder and praying that she would be alright. He and Rain stay together until a group of wranglers find them and capture Spirit, leaving Rain on the bank, knowing that she would not live much longer.

After they leave, Little Creek runs to her side.

Rain and Spirit are finally reunited after he and Little Creek escape together. Little Creek decides to let Rain go back to the Cimarron herd with Spirit, and he takes the feather out of her mane, promising that she would always be in his heart.

Rain and Spirit depart, and travel day and night to reach Spirit's homeland. When they find the herd, there is a joyful reunion as Spirit runs with Rain, his mother, and his herd.

Rain Stonewell ~ UP FOR ADOPTION - INCOMPLETE BIO 16m0tgy

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Leda
experience;; Eight years
other characters;; Too many to list, you know me by now
how you found us;; Calypso
contact information;; PM

Rain Stonewell ~ UP FOR ADOPTION - INCOMPLETE BIO 2nbhsg7

| credits |

this application was made by kittymorphine at caution 2.0 & bellachanx at shadowplay; lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides. Steal or take off the credit and I will have my army of zombies out to eat your brainz.

Rain Stonewell
Rain Stonewell

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